July 31, 2007

Alessandro Ansuini

Alessandro, you're an inspired photographer, but you like to make many other things...

I play with a band called camera mix. I usually am the voice (speak poetry) but I play also guitar, bongos, synthetizer. We are not a band, we are an ensemble. Every concert we made is different. We use people of the area, if it's possible. For this summer, we plan the 3rd of august at London, the 10th Paris, the 17th Trieste, and the 22nd Amalfi, in Italy.

"Dead horse dance"

"Killing qwerty Tarantino"

So your main project is camera mix. And your goal with ?

To play in every part of the world without an agency or stuff like that. We like to be independent. Our strenght is the human heat, and friendship. And I cross the fingers, probably next year, I'll read (with camera mix) in Buenos Aires, in the university. In the last two years, we made seven different nations, so the situation is really cool.


What did you make ? Shows ? Happenings ? Concerts ?

Every of that. We use video, photography. music, poetry. We play in universities, clubs, restaurants, bars, docks, metropolitans, theatres, discotheques. We change every time. We change also the people, the core is me and Enrico, but really a lot of people is involved in the ensemble.

"The black shoes"

You're also a writer.

I'm a poet. I published three books (officia) from the 2002, and I have an independent press, because I dont like official press, I'm not interesting in that. I made book by myself. It's my second big activity.

A word about your next step ?

My project for the future is to work with video, poetry and music, and of course photography. There's a lot of ways to try, because, in one word, I'm a perfomer that uses and mixes different arts, and I want to continue on this way.

"Write now"

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