July 31, 2007

Andrew Cumberland

To know everything about Andrew Cumberland's work, his prints, and all the prizes he won, go there : his official site, his gallery at deviantART.

"Morning's Sorrow"

" I love shooting art nudes. Why ? It is one of the few times that a photographer can actually create a whole scene that s/he sees in their mind's eye. I can take the viewer to another world, or another time and place.

"Morning's Glory IV"

" I also love the ability to use the female form in a way that is totally unexpected - something that really slaps the viewer's idea of what is coming.

The third type of art nude that I love are those aimed at softness and romance. Where else but art nudes can a photographer achieve all these things ?

"Road to Nowhere"

" I also love shooting wildlife, nature and landscapes. In my mind, the link to art nudes is obvious. It's about chosing the best way of showing the true beauty of nature. However, nature is sometimes more challenging.

While I can ask a model to move slightly, a mountain will stay exactly where it is. While it doesn't matter if a model is a few minutes late, those vital seconds make all the difference to a nature shot. Oh, it's more technically challenging to work in a studio under artifical lights, but nature offers her beauty for only the briefest of moments, and often she does not provide a second chance.

" Never-the-less, to achieve perfection in a shot, and to convey emotion, I believe you need to have total control over the camera. To achieve control over the camera, you must know what you want a shot to convey.

And so, my other love : photo-journalism. I use the phrase a little differently to most photographers. I don't seek exciting events to tell a story. I like to catch people in particular contexts. Done well, amazing stories can unfold.

There are a range of shots in the China gallery of my website that demonstrate this technique : a sweet, dirty faced little girl hanging out the washing ; an old man drawing water from a well ; and another old man taking the time to enjoy a cigarette."

"Smoke break"

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