July 18, 2007

Anja Müller

Here is the modern Anja Müller. Author of 5 books at this date, she touches mes by her rude expression of reality.

Her bio from Konkursbuch :

" 1971, lives in Berlin. Study of educational science, since 1992 freelance photographer, regularly exhibitions of photographies, publications in magazines."

" Situations, when love begins, the moments, when the butterflies in one's stomach become sensible, records Anja Müller in her new, firstly coloured photobook. Abandon, relaxation, closeness and intimacy distinguish a lot of the pictures, but the book also contains energetic portraits. Despite of all variety the allurement of the sudden „lightning" is catched in every photograph. Affectionate and sensual, still and romantic, exciting and stirring are the people of this portraits and by observing these photographs the wellknown feelings of the first seconds, the butterflies, are rising inside. "

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