February 19, 2010

Art Nudes by Michael Barnes

You'll never imagine how I was proud the day I appeared in his links... Woaw ! Like to win the first price, or the last ticket for George Michael's overbooked show, or a seat in the cockpit, or... Well, it's so great to be linked with a so talented connoisseur, and photographer... Beyond price.

Art Nudes is an exemplary blog, totally dedicated to the best photographers.

The clichés are always of the highest quality, often accompanied by a smart comment, and always linked to the published photographers. I love this respect, I love this active blog !

Let's hear Michael Barnes, photographer and curator of Art Nudes

Who runs this blog?

The founder and primary curator of this site is Michael Barnes, a semi-professional photographer based in Victoria, British Columbia. Occasionally, posts are made by UK photographer and university professor, Eric Kellerman. He currently resides in the Netherlands. Professional photographer Brooks Ayola from California has also been known to put up a post now and then as well as providing html advice. Last but certainly not least, Honourary Editor Mariana Pinheiro is a blogger from Lisbon, Portugal who routinely sends in content. Links to all our personal sites can be found on the main page.

Why do you do it?

What started out as a fun project to use the blogger technology to post the dozens of photography sites I had bookmarked turned into a terrific opportunity to connect with likeminded photographers around the world. It is also a great way to provide exposure to worthwhile photographers and inspiration to others at the same time. I have made lots of friends and had contact with photographers whose work I have admired for years. Furthermore, this blog has been the catalyst for other photographers around the world meeting both in person and via email. In short, I do it because I enjoy it. There is no real cash incentive, and that is what makes it so easy not to compromise when it comes to link exchanges, pop-ups, advertising, and the like.

When did it start?
This blog started Feb. 16, 2003 and has received nearly 1.5 million unique visitors since then.

What is the daily traffic like?

We are currently getting between 5000 and 5500 unique visitors a day.

For more : the interview "in the chair" of Michael Barnes.


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