July 16, 2007

Blog and coffee

Every day, early in the morning, 4.44 today (yes... and 444 visitors... ?... 2x12, Ok, let's go !), with my little beloved mouse, we make a "blogsphère" trip, saying to our passionate friends "Hello !", "Bravo !" or "Have a nice week".

Here are my preferred blogs, the unmissable ones for the artistic nude art lovers :

afuckaday (yes and yes and yes)
Art Nudes (the must, my referrence)
Cajon de Sastre (me gusta mucho)
CU-CU (I love passionate people !)
fine nudes (tremendous)
Fotos (every day without moderation)
FotoSenso(r) (without censorship)
japanese forms (eclectic and fascinating)
Nude Art Video (good)
Otomano (surprizing, exciting)


rob said...

oh yes, yes and yes again ! :-)))
thank you again

chris StJames said...

You're welcome...

Gotinha said...

Greetings from PORTUGAL!