February 15, 2010


Everytime I'm blogging, I'm asking (to myself of course) why I choose this photo and not this one (I'm talking about good ones, of course again). Is it the light ? The setting ? The frame ? The composition ? The model ?... Maybe the emotion ?... And you know what, I never find the real reason. ... There is something beyond. The truth is really out where.

But it does'nt matter indeed, there are pictures I can't forget, some beautiful clichés which deserve to be published here.

So here is, can you hear the drums ?, Elipa, found on deviantART. She lives in Russia, and that's all folks, there is no bio, no blogs, no sites to satisfy our artistic curiosity.
Have a look on her gallery, there are several shots to appreciate.

"Sorrow's bride"

"The fall of the Queen"

"Short story"

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