August 13, 2009

Emil Schildt

You'll find Emil Schildt him at his official site,, usefilm, Photo Points.

"The mobile phone"

Emil Schildt is a renowned photographer from Denmark I admire in silence since a long long time for very good reasons of course, like his amazing creativity, assorted to a deep photographic knowledge and a "dramatic" artistic approach that turns me upside down and you can't miss. And I'm sure that Vernon Trent, OnePixArt or Mirabilia Images (non exhaustive very short list of the ) will like his work as much than me... and you.

"Portrait of Sille"

By himself :


" I was born in 1958, but I am only 35 years old and I am keeping it that way.

I am originally trained as a classical musician, playing the flute, but after my final exams, I needed a break and I am still on that break. It was in 1987.

I attended Vrå Højskole back in 1979-80 where I met an American who had spent too much money, so he could not pay for the fare home. He asked if I could buy his old camera... I did not know that this purchase would change my life.

"Song of songs"

While finishing the music academy, the photography slowly took over. More and more of my free time was used in practicing photography and my fellow music students were my models. I did a lot of portraits, but it was also here I started doing nudes.

In the beginning, I had no idea how to go about the "photography-business". But I kept at it, and the many many mistakes I made helped me in a way to explore different approaches and techniques.

My main subjects are people, portraits and nudes, and almost always in a studio, but using my Diana camera, I also like to do landscapes. And the odd still life also gets my attention."


"In the warm room..."

Emil Schildt


D.L. Wood said...

I have been a fan of Emil for a number of years now. I love his light painting. Also his sharing of his knowledge about the processes he uses. A more in-depth interview would be great.

I also like his brothers work. They're quite a duo.

D.L. Wood

.mosa said...

Chris your are right!
brilliant work :)