July 27, 2007

From the blogsphère

2photo.ru : Marrian (2 posts !), Federico Bebber, Rezie Ilhamsyah (marvelous !), many large and superb photos to contemplate (so many that you'll have to be (very) patient). But where does he go to find them ?...

: I stopped on Jay Parkinson, a question of water, go and you'll see. Very nice choices.

Aliciante ? On vacation, I think. Art Boobs also (he deserves your visit). The world is on vacation in my opinion...

Except Art Nudes, my reference, with 3 beautiful posts about Ernestine Ruben, Terrell Neasley and Raymond Delhaye that you have to see.

Many new pics and drawings at ::CU-CU::, a very active blog to see. Too many for a review in the details. Some nice, some harder, for every tastes !

Monica Belluci is "à la Une" at E Deus criou al Mulher, large pics, good quality in this blog of a lover of stars and people.

Stefan De Lay, a french photographer, in the columns of my friend Erotica Curiosa (for adult and always "No war" and "No Bush" people).

is on vacation since june 28th... ? Long vacations no ?... If you have time, make a trip, he deserves your eyes.

Fines nudes, another reference for me, produces Tom Julio. I keep it to make a visit later. I loved what I saw.

At Fotos, Eric Alan Pritchard on a music by Ben Harper.

Iris Dassault is congratulating Jim Young for his month's publication in the magazine photo "Digital photographer". She's a very nice person. Go and read her right now, you'll enjoy her style.

Japanese Forms is still relocating, since july 19th... Moving is always a mess !

At Otomano, you'll find superb photos of Sergey Kaptilkin, Victoriano Izquierdo Ramirez and Bettina Komenda to see as soon as possible. I love the choices of this blog !

And that's all folks ! I need to eat... See you soon !!!

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David J. Angelovich said...

Merci for your kind words on Art Boobs. I'm not on holiday though. Incidentally I've just blogged something featuring a short movie with French subtitles.