July 14, 2007

Gary Mitchell at Summerotica (Detroit, USA)

"This flyer features my Sativa gas mask shot shown here a couple weeks ago."
Gary Mitchell

From the blog of Gary Mitchell, a photography exhibit to visit.

" So, if you're in the Detroit-ish area, please pimp the show to friends and open-minded family, and make plans to attend. There will be complimentary wine at the opening reception from J. Garcia, but sadly, I doubt there will be any Cherry Garcia.
The "Summerotica" show is slated to feature work from 20 members of the MWSEP, up to 5 pieces per person, so potentially 100 hanging pieces, plus there will be a "museum store" set-up for smaller and unframed pieces, too. The S3V3RANC3 Gallery is re-opening after a two-year hiatus, so they'll be pulling out all the stops. If you can't make the opening reception, the show will be hanging throughout August, open to the public on Saturdays from 10am to 3, or by appointment. See you there !"
From Gary Mitchell on Implications and Experiences.

MWSEP Opening
July 28, 9:00
S3V3RANC3 Gallery
2714 Riopelle Street
Detroit, MI 48207


Gary M Photo said...

Thanks for featuring this entry... just a note that the pool photo is by BT Charles, and the rope photo is by Patricia Izzo. Links to both at www.mwsep.com

chris StJames said...

That's done !!!
Tks Gary !