July 17, 2007

Geoff Cordner

Geoff Cordner, american photographer, producer and film director, seen by the press : " Visionary, subversive, controversial, rude, innovative, ingenious, sultry, seeking, raw and indelibly modern..." And that's true ! And I like.

You'll find him at : his PUNKerotic site, his Space, his blog,

His bio :
Geoff Cordner was born in Tripoli, Libya in 1960, son of an American father and a French mother, and grew up in Libya, Canada and Egypt. Throughout his teenage years in Cairo, Egypt, his sole source for Western culture was Creem magazine in the heyday of Lester Bangs, inexplicably the only western pop culture magazine available in Cairo. He arrived in Austin, Texas in 1978, expecting to turn on the radio and hear Patti Smith and the Ramones, and to fit right in as an American by sole virtue of having a passport that said he was one, and instead found himself awash in a sea of Farrah Fawcett hairdos (on men and women alike) all listening to Journey, Foreigner, Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd--the soundtrack of redneck youth throughout the south. He quickly found a home in the nascent punk rock scene within which he became a person of some minor notoriety, churning out fliers for bands, putting out fanzines, doing album covers, producing records and eventually running his own indie record label.

He moved to Hollywood in 1985. By 1988 he abandoned the States with a sudden move to Italy, where he reinvented himself as a fashion photographer, completely abandoning all contact with anyone heÕd known before. In 1994 after some modest success shooting fashion & high society in Europe he returned to LA where he once again found himself completely disillusioned with Hollywood.

After an extended break from photography he returned to shooting for himself. A 1999 underground celebrity studded reenactment of the Manson Family murders entitled "These Children That Come At You With Knives" prompted Permanent Midnight author Jerry Stahl to call him a thrift store visionary; and the LA Weekly to unofficially ban him. A 2000 piece on body and identity issues was called genius by Lydia Lunch and denounced by Ms. Magazine as the work of a "reprehensible socially parasitic artist."

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