July 5, 2010

George Portz

George Portz seen by Fresh nudes :

" Nude photographer from Germany, George has been working for many years on the field of fine art nude. Very fresh and erotic nudes approach."
It's quite a little short to describe the long life of a mature man and his prodigious work since his early first days. In my opinion, they could have talked about his classical approach, his so perfect lights, his true talent to capture the emotions. I'm sure that Thorsten Jankowski and André Brito will appreciate !

To admire his work : his official site or photo.net.

"Born on 09.03.1966 in Cologne, George Portz already takes photos as long as he can think. Since 2003 he deals beside his job in the development center of a known autogroup with the improvement of his hobby, the photograph.

He is called a photographer from passion.

Women are the main motive of the light artist. Besides, it is important to him that the female body is not degraded in his photos to the (desire) object. Rather he plays brilliantly with light, shade and the lines originating from it."


nikonman said...

Excellent photographer!

chris StJames said...

You're right ! Excellent.