May 9, 2010

Giancarlo Amici

By himself :

" I've begun to paint in my young age, to devote me after a few years to the photo. In the middle of the 70's I've landed to the fashion at the occasion of "Pitti Donna". In the 80's I begun to creatively employ myself with advertising and communication, also devoting me to the teaching for the Florence council and the Italian army.

My images are often elaborated by hand, using tonings, anilines, felt-tips, acrylics, pencils and atypical dyes as coffee, the hand other anchor.

Currently I live and work in the countryside of the Florentine Chianti where is my studio "Karma" that produces videos, web sites, graphics, photos and communication mediums."

All photos by Giancarlo Amici, from the series "Popgirls"





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