July 25, 2007

Iris Dassault

Yes, WOW ! Iris Dassault told me last night : " your blog is wonderful"... Wow. For people who know her, it's easy to understand why I take this compliment as a gold trophy, or a first academic diplom, or a good wine of rosé after a long ride in the desert, etc.

Iris Dassault is a model, sure. Like all the great models, those who give us so much emotions, she knows everything about photography.

What I like in her blog is this mix between her shots and the backstages, between her shots and the (sometimes complicated) life of a model. It's fascinating to follow her during these deep dives into another world. And I find many new words during these incredible trips.

I love her universe... And her way to write it.

Here, her blog. Here, her official site.

"Pink Fluff"
by Calliopes Room

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