May 21, 2010

Jan Saudek

What is interesting in this series of Jan Saudek (not exhaustive), it is at first its spreading in the time.

Jan Saudek, famous Czech artist born in 1935, worked the theme of the window, the only opening towards an inaccessible and stormy outside which arouses dreams of evasion and testifies of the solitude of the being, relentlessly from 1962 till 1988, as if the subject had pursued him throughout these years.

We feel besides a change in his work of colorization of his photos, painted since 1977. His colours are deeper from 1979, with a very net preference for warm browns.

I like observing so the progress of the work of an artist throughout his life. And so we can become aware of the progress of his creative soul, from his first promising stammerings to the perfection of a completely original style in an authentic universe.

For a deep dive in his prodigious universe : his official site, Taschen for his books, and so many sites...

Thanks to Wikipedia :

Jan Saudek is a Czech art photographer.

His best-known work is noted for its hand-tinted portrayal of painterly dream worlds, often inhabited by nude or semi-nude figures surrounded by bare plaster walls or painted backdrops, frequently re-using identical elements (for instance, a clouded sky or a view of Prague's Charles Bridge). In this they echo the studio and tableaux works of mid nineteenth century erotic photographers, as well as the works of the painter Balthus, and the work of Bernard Faucon. His early art photography is noted for its evocation of childhood. Later his works often portrayed the evolution from child to adult (re-photographing the same composition/pose, and with the same subjects, over many years). Religious motives or the ambiguity between man and woman have also been some of Jan Saudek's recurring themes. His work was the subject of attempts at censorship in the West during the 1990s.

Jan Saudek currently lives and works in Prague where he owns his gallery. His brother is also an artist, and is now the best-known Czech graphic novelist.

"Zdena" 1962

"Come Morning" 1975

"The New Dawn" 1977

"Zuzanka s Night Window" 1979

"Olga in the Clouds" 1984

"Desire No 164" 1985

"Lonely girl's Dream 1" 1986

"The Superwalkman" 1987

"Horn of Plenty" 1988

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charlie said...

nice post, I've recently blogged on Saudek as well and love his work with color and composition.