March 19, 2010

Morskaya, Olga Trusova

Olga Trusova aka Morskaya at deviantART and Photosight is 27 and lives in Moscow.

Talented in photomanipulation, I hope these coloured pictures will give you the desire to know more about her superb works.

I looked for other sites exposing her photographies but nothing until now... If you have one, tell me ! She deserves to be known.

"Chito grito chito margalito"

"City mad"

"Forsaken Paradise"

"Wanted. ID"


Morskaya said...

Thank you very much for this feature. I have another one web-gallery at very popular in Russia photo-site but it in russian only.

chris StJames said...

OK you ! I'll make a new post ! Thanks for your great works.