February 12, 2010

Nikolai Sednin

Isn't it good all these colours ?... Life is beautiful, life is everything except black and white, life is paradise.

Nikolai Sednin is a master who found a fantastic way to express his creativity. Maybe he's more a painter than a photographer, but the results are amazing.

Nikolai Sednin at photosight.

His words :

" We surround ourselfes with things, we attract, we get and leave beside only that organically (in our opinion) entering into images of our "Ego", which creation has been the matter of years.
Sometimes we identify somebody with some thing, finding internal relationship.
But we make a mistake identifying the works of art with our Ego, to which we got used.
The original work of art offers clearing from ordinarity to us, and sometimes is rejected by us because of absence of habitual emotional comfort.
The sense of the work of art is in creating new realities and consequently, experience of past emotions sometimes become useless to perception. "

"Well of time"


"Game with butterflies"

"Labyrinth of a brain"


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