March 22, 2010

Nubby Twiglet

Beautiful collages by Nubby Twiglet. Check also her blog.

Her bio :

" The red cross, hearts, stripes, shoes, and letterforms are collaged into tight, slick pop art on custom wooden boxes coated in epoxy resin.

These sturdy and fashion-conscious collages are done by hand in an age of technological overdependence. My personal photographs are combined with magazine cut-outs to create graphically charged collages that blur the lines between graphic design and fine art."

"Natural Selection"

About her :

" A graphic designer by day, collaging is a way for me to unwind, to remember that there was a time before computers. Editorial design and typography are my passions. I combine these with a background in Marketing to create a sense of balance between art and business.

I live in Portland, OR, but I visit New York often. I am available for freelance design and art commissions as well as group and solo art exhibitions."

"Modern Noir"

"Flesh for Fantasy"

"Definitive Dash of Red"

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