May 16, 2010

Pete Saloutos

That's so nice these deep colours. That's so nice to contemplate the life through the camera of Pete Saloutos. It would be quite pleasant to see our world in blue and pink and yellow, to forget the misery and the pain of Humanity...

Often, I need a long deep, like a breathe, in another universe where everything is fine, where each of us knows why he's here, what he wants and what he is. I'm dreaming about an earth where love means something, where love is not an inaccessible ideal. Pete Saloutos makes me happy and proud to be born.

You'll find also this inspired artist at Nikon World, Gianfranco Meza Gallery.

A short bio :

" Pete Saloutos is a recognized photographer specialized in sports, action and risk, he works extensively in advertising. The true talent of this photographer lives in his capacity to capture the determination and drive of athletes. Pete covers first level international sport events (Olympic games, worldchampionships,...), also, realizing the campaigns for sportswear main brands. He has recently been awarded the Nikon prize, Legends Behind the Lens."

From the series "Underwater Wonders"

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments competely. I have been following Pete for a long time and have a number of his panoramics hanging in our offices.

Everyone loves them as they take them to places around the world and they see things through Pete's ways we would not have thought about. It causes us to revisit our own environment and to look fresh at what we are is in short wonderful.