March 26, 2010

Photographers Communities

You know how to make it but you have to make it know.

Some photographers are knew by a large audience, larger and larger since the blog phenomenon, and others seem encounter some difficulties.

There is just one thing to do : open your portfolio .

What are we talking about ?
" ALTphotos is a photography community of international photographers who share a passion for creating amazing photographic work. Browse our galleries to find some of the best Fine Art Photography from around the world.

- Upload photos to your portfolios, rate and comment on other members photography. Participate in forum discussions.

- If you're a publisher, art director, designer, image researcher, collector or just a lover of photography, this is where you'll find the most creative photographic work."

That's clear. If you want to be seen, you have to publish. Let's see how two famous photographers use this kind of services :

Yuri Bonder, professional and renowned photographer located in Tel Aviv, is at :

Photo,, (light version of,
Nonstop Photos,, of course,
Photo Blink that I didn't knew,,
and Photo forum... and that's it. Ouf.

12 photographic communities to make his artworks known by everybody. And it works. It's quite impossible to make the count of his photos published in thousands of blogs and sites, giving him a back fame (that he deserves !), more difficult to obtain there is just one decenny ago.

So take another so famous one, Andre Brito, from Portugal. You'll find him at :,
PBase, empty, he must be overbooked,
photo competition,,
1000 Imagens,
ALTphotos, and I'm sure I forget one or two, maybe three, four if you want, no more than five and not six at all.
So at least 7 plaforms plus his official site.

I don't know where they find the time to pilot so many sites, it should need one full time job, but what I'm sure it's they are visible by the consumers (posters, derivative products) and by the potential clients (advertising, corporate and fashion).

I couldn't leave you without a palmares, based upon criteries of quality of pictures, resolution, rapidity, updated informations, easy search, no advertising, many categories, high and strong level of artworks, and so on for the best viewing (you'll check yourself for uploading !).

And the winners are :

1 - photo.sight

2 -

3 - ALTphotos

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