August 10, 2007

Arturo Jauregui

Here comes Arturo Jauregui, from San Francisco (USA).

" Photographing beautiful women was all I ever wanted to do. I was going to be the next Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton or Matthew Rolston or even Ellen Von Unwerth. I wanted to be the "typical fashion" shooter. That all changed in high school. I discovered cars and combined that with my love of cameras and spent years shooting motors ports and aircraft. I was operating on borrowed time, since I had a disability that progressed to the point that keeping up with the ultra-fast pace had become impossible."

I took a job in one of largest photography stores in the country selling hi-end gear, including studio lighting. Sort of like a kid in a candy store ! Around 1988-89, a friend took me along to photograph a model for fun. I had come home ! I took the opportunity for shooting models for agencies and also photographing commercial jobs for some the largest silicon valley firms around, working a full-time job at the same time. I also realized that shooting beauty was something I am passionate about and truly enjoy. So even though I did not learn advanced techniques by assisting because of my physical limitations, I spent my free time experimenting. And learning.

Finally in 2000, I purchased my first computer and am now able to show my work online. My philosophy is simple. To make a woman look as beautiful as I possibly can. I'm not here to capture a "portrait" or "reality" in the normal sense. That's not what you're interested in anyway, is it ? Take a look at that starlet or singer next time and know what that kind of IMAGE can do for your career. Are you ready ? Then you know what to do next..."

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