August 16, 2007

Dmitry Puzyrev (Dima&Marina design group)

From his space at art4love :
"I'm born in 1960 in Moscow. Since childhood I was fond of oil painting. Photography always was the matter of admiration. My profession is VFX (visual effects) for advertising and cinema. So, as soon as I could acquire some knowledge and equipment necessary, I became to play with images.

What is my inspiration ?
Female Beauty, World Music and Travelling, need and ability to create images. Often images appear in my head without any reason and require some exit. I think by images, not by usual thoughts. When I read, I see images. I never orient myself in time, but in space. Images live with me without any binding to time. That´s why I don't understand when they say : "Image has to have idea" or "This artist have something to say". I think a speaker has something to say, but I have something to show."

Dmitry Puzyrev and Marina Guetmanova

1 - "Paris"
2 - "Barcelona"
3 - Donostia San-Sebastian
4 - Sevilla

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