August 5, 2007

Jessie Pridemore

And it's time for showing you a new talent. I call a new talent, every young guys and girls involved in an artistic process, with all the aleas that it brings, good and bad, as life.

A new talent has no more than 25 years old, just a few photos, and some really good for such a lack of experience.

A new talent gives me everytime this little kick in the ass I love so much. Considering they are the art of tomorrow, our true successors, I want to dedicate them as many pages they deserve.

"In noble souls, valor doesn't wait for years" is a quote I make mine since a long time ago.

So here is Jessie Pridemore, what a lovely name ! She's 21... from oct 31. She lives in Florida ans she hates, me too, I still remember how it was boring after living in San Francisco. She makes auditions for HBO series, she wants to be an actress ans she keeps her fingers crossed. But she never forgets her camera...

That's a great thing Jessie ! I appreciate.

"City Lights"


"I'm an iPod Blackout"

"Sin City - Goldie"

Thanks Jessie for your kindness during the writing.

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