August 2, 2007

Anna Piovani

First time I saw the gallery of Anna Piovani, I told me : "there is something here inside !"
Second time : "yes, you're right !".
Third time : "ok, send her a note".

Creative self-photographer and inspiring model, Anna Piovani is just 24 (!). She's from Italy. She loves Mappelthorpe, Diane Arbus, Emmet Gowin, Sally Mann.

She runs since 2005 her space at deviantART where she displays her amazing creations and all her heartquakes. She is full of admiration for many wonderful photographers as I'm full of admiration for her artworks that turn me upside down.

Pictures worth a thousand words, so let's admire :

"My kingdom, doghead"

"Oh my descent, my descent"

"Doghead leave me alone"

Grazie Anna Piovani ! See you very soon !

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