August 2, 2007

Marcus J Ranum

When I contacted Marcus J Ranum, I didn't know what man I'll meet. I still don't know, who knows, but what I know, except I know nothing, it's I have to make simple. First because there are hundreds of crazy good photos, second because he writes enough to let you guess.

After the show, you'll want to know him better. Go and read him, check all the links and enjoy. Or not. Be your guest. It's up to you.

Wardrobe Malfunction - Dojo


The Jester

Carly on a Pedestal

Miss Ward C


Feed Your Models

Marcus J Ranum

And at deviantART

1 comment:

Laertes Espinosa said...

Gracias poetas de la luz, por regalarnos imagenes tan bellas..