January 10, 2010

Markus Richter

In the press :

" Markus Richter demonstrates an intense, personal and profoundly erotic perception. Using an exquisite, essentially romantic pictorial language he remains at the same time always formally correct and with perfect focus on the aesthetics of black and white photography. This combination of strong artisitic discipline with a very personal and intimate vision gives the images a unique and powerful emotional charge, producing body landscapes full of intimate surprises in which we discover haunting images of female sexuality.

Markus Richter has a very fine sense of juxtaposition. There is a wonderful balance between the aesthetic and the provocative in his best work, the suggested and the explicit, the possible and the real, this life and the next. It's mystical in its impact." Paul Scott, 2002, UK

You'll find his photos at his beautiful official site, the news about his gallery, at PBase, absolutearts, ePhotozine, among dozens exhibiting his works.

"Jess Cabrio"

"Mel auge"

"Mel cig cut"

" Mel face cut"

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