January 2, 2010

Photographers' blogs

To open and run a blog is something really special. More than a site, it's an opened window on your daily life, your interests, your talent of course. Several photographers made it successfully.

I enjoy reading them. I learn from where comes this famous inspiration, so volatile, some of their technics, their relationship with their models, how do they come, where they want to go... Definitely, a photographer blog is the better way to have a deep knowledge of the artists.

Here are four of them :

Dave Rudin : Figures of Grace

Open since mar 2007.
Many photos and all the anecdotes about his works.
Very living writing, clear, close, quick and deep, everything to read him with an endless pleasure.
"I thought of Vassanta, a beautiful model based in Ohio with whom I'd had a short correspondence. Iris also seemed to know her pretty well, so I called Iris on the way out to the farm to ask for Vassanta's number. I left a message but Iris did call back with the number. I called Vassanta and as luck would have it she was available that afternoon, so after dropping me off at the farm, Dave L went back to collect her and bring her on over."

Gary Mitchell : Implications and Experience

Open since June 2006. All you have to know about this talented photographer is here inside. As Dave Rudin, he gives us all the keys to understand his artworks. His writing is light, fluid, easy to read and full of thanks.
" Somewhere, there's an unwritten rule against models smiling in art nudes. I guess if they look detatched and angst-ridden, that makes it art, but if they look happy and make eye contact with the viewer, it's something else. Well, I'm not sure I buy that. Granted, these aren't grand artistic statements, but I think they do a pretty good job capturing a glimpse of Ayden's beauty and her spirited nature. And today, I could use a smile from a beautiful woman, so here she is."

Pascal Renoux : art photo blog

Open since January 2006.
When a photographer opens a space for his favorite colleagues... Pascal Renoux gives us the opportunity to watch his friends' works from his photographer point of view. No texts, just wonderful photos he chooses with a refined taste.

Among many great photographers, you'll find in his columns : Stephane Coutelle, Natasha Gudermane, Polly Chandler, Alex Trebus, and so on... A wonderful virtual gallery not to miss.

Angelicatas : Dark Light Photo

Open since April 2006.
As Pascal Renoux, Angelicatas shows us all her favorites photos. In her pages, you'll see her best, on music, from Yamamoto Masoa to Robert Mapplethorpe, Gabriele Rigon, Juan Gatti. Here also, it's an exceptional opportunity to feel what feels a professional photographer about her colleagues' works, to improve our look about fine nude art photography.
"A camera for a photographer is like an open window which allows people see author's deepest feelings and soul. I am just looking for truth through beauty. These photographers are my inspiration."

To be continued...

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