August 9, 2007


Verose and me it's already a story.

I wanted to write something about her, but she was not there. I was close to tell her how much I was desappointed by her lack of answer... Indeed I'm sure I made it. What a fool !

There is something appealing me in her photographies. I'm just talking about her self-portraits, don't be confused. I like the other ones, but I really prefer when she photographies herself. Her own body. With a sense of natural beauty I love deeply.

Verose is french like me. She lives in the south of France, probably not too far from my home. She likes to pose and she loves to shoot.

Yeap, there is something natural, authentic, expressive, in her photos. Something she captures with a great emotion. And there is someone to discover before and behind the camera.

"Self Upskirt 2"

"Self half nude"

"A cup of me"

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