September 7, 2007

About vocation

By reading the interviews, you certainly noticed how much I'm interested in the passion of the artists, in the depth of their vocation.

Indeed, it's always surprising to see how vocation begins early in our life, in spite of everyone and everything. And it seems obvious that we can't make nothing else, photographers, painters, writers, accepting to make great sacrifices, just supported by our indestructible faith in our destiny.

The final question is : do we born artist ? For my part, I tell : yes we do.

Dave Rudin

" I began photographing when I was small after my father gave me a camera. "

David Kirk

Around 10 years old.

Steve Johns

" I became interested in photography at about age 11 and saved all of my paper run money for a Kodak instamatic camera. "

Lorand Peli

" I guess it all started when I took the leap from my childhood to puberty. "

Tiki Llanes Lopez

" My passion begin since I was like 12 years. I got my first camera and I started to take some photos. "

Jaroslav Belak

" I was given my first Russian Lyubitel 2 camera at age 11."


" I've always liked visual arts, ever since I was a child. "

Mic Ardant

" Rather late, about 22 years. "

Scott Church (interview to come)

About 19 years.

Alessandro Ansuini

" I always thought about photography."

Stefan Beyst

" I have been photographing my whole life, but not with artistic purposes. "

Nathan Strausse

" I've always been interested in photography, even at a young age. I was given a point and shoot camera at 10 years old. "

Andrew Kaiser

" I was lucky enough to attend a High School with a really good traditional photography program. "

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