September 12, 2007

Andrew Cumberland's interview

You'll find Andrew Cumberland at his fine art site, his landscapes and wildlife site, deviantART.

Andrew, tell us how did your passion begin ?

Aside from being a photographer, I also write. It allows me the artistic freedom to create whole worlds, and characters to fill them. I also used to draw, although I confess quite freely that I was never very good at it.

And did you learn photography in a special school ?

No - I am entirely self taught. Although, I have read a darn library full of photography books, and I have a few good mentors who teach me the tricks of the trade.

Who are your greatest inspirators ?

Beau Eromantica and David Miller.

"Cave Girl III"
Art Model Zoe

How long could you be far from your camera ?

LOL. Not long. I find myself going quite stir crazy when I can't create images. Photography became my new form of creative art when I realised my drawing just couldn't bring my mind's images to life.

Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

I do a lot of studio work because it allows me to create complete environments and stories for the viewer. Having said that, I am also exploring outdoor work at the moment. Nature and nude has a certain natural affinity.

"Midnight Screams"
Art Model Zoe

Tell us about your preferences, indoors, outdoors, natural lights, color ?

My comfort zone is indoor with studio lighting. As a result, I am pushing myself into the great outdoors. I produce a lot of quite lovely landscapes and am currently exploring the combination of body and landscape as an art form.

"Cairns III"

What is your process of creation ? Chaos or order ?

Chaos pretty much. I love the free flow of art.

A photographer starts with an idea. Then the model adds to it. The photographer modifies according to technical limitations. The photographer then adds a new element and the model pushes it that bit further.

Talented models and photographers can leap frog from each other into whole new realms. There is joy in that.

Do you make many corrections after a shooting ?

I don't like to go back to an old shoot and adjust it. I prefer to get a new idea from an old shoot and then re-do the whole thing. Remember what I said about models and photographers melding ideas? That's a much more organic process that results in images moving in whole new directions.

"Cave Girl IV"
Art Model Zoe

A difficult question : what is your favorite photo ?

It's hard to say to be honest. It is a little like looking at a coastal landscape and comparing it to a desert landscape. Each has its own beauty and often you can't compare them. Although they are not my most popular work, my Cave Girl series does a lot for me. I think it's because the model was able to transfer herself into a whole new persona and a new "story set" evolved as a result.

"Midnight Screams III"
Art Model Zoe

Have you a special project you're dreaming about ?

That's a funny question. The reason it is funny is because I bought a set of Venetian masks a while ago to do a set of shots based on the movie "Eyes Wide Shut."

I have been waiting for the right model and time to use them to full effect. The irony of that is that is one of the least creative sets I will produce (in so far as the idea has been done before). For some reason, I have an enormous personal investment in the shoot even though it will not result in new ideas.

Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I am a very lucky man. My income is not derived from photography. That means that I can create work simply because I think it is creative and new. I do it for people to enjoy and to exercise my artistic side. As a result, I seldom exhibit my work in the likes of a gallery. It is freely available to be seen and enjoyed on the net.

Maybe a book to come soon ?

Maybe. I've planned a few but seldom get time to make the dream materialise. I have a fantasy novel freely available on the net.

"Cave Girl I"
Art Model Zoe

What's for your next future ?

I'd love to be able to devote more time to my art. Alas, expenses do not allow it. I continue to pour every free moment into free work for people to enjoy.

A message to send ?

Sometimes, the creation is worth more than the income it might derive. I want everyone to enjoy my art, completely free of charge. I will continue to push myself to make that dream happen.

Thanks you Andrew ! Read you soon !

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