September 30, 2007

Angel Rengell & Luccia Lignan

I recently received an email from Mr Johannes Pooley, Art Publisher & Editor in London, Uk :
" I invite you to view the works attached from Angel Rengell and Luccia Lignan. My Editorial will publish their next book about their artworks. I have seen your blog and I have thought that is interesting for you to know about this artists. My new website is underconstruction, but I am going to working in some blogs that will tell more about this new publication. We are working in the Book yet, so we keep in touch."
And he was right... I like. So here they are :

"Femme sur rouge satin"

"Les amoureux"

From Phil Illingworth, Curator, British Museum of Erotic Art :

" Angel Rengell studied in Seville. He has exhibited widely throughout the world, including Switzerland, Germany, Canada, France and principal cities of the USA and his native Spain.
The 'seductive influence of the moon' is a staple of his pearly female nudes.
He paints, draws and sculpts both male and female nudes, and his works exhibit his skill and understanding of form and anatomy. His work has an intensely erotic tone emphasised by a carefully considered economy of line."

" Luccia Lignan studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, Spain. She has exhibited widely throughout Europe and America, including Geneva, Hamburg, Madrid, Aix-en-Provence, Seville, Miami and Chicago, as well as Venezuela and Montréal.
Luccia models her subjects with rich colour. Her nudes are sensual - her women are confident, sensitive and relaxed. Her nudes encompass an air of innocence, despite being very conscious of their charms.
Her work shows a universe governed by colours that stimulate the spectator " a fountain of pure pleasure".

You'll find them at :

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