September 25, 2007

Ben Heys photoblog, new link !

Ben Heys is a traveller, like me. From Australia (his country) to Singapore, Pangkor, Penang, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, we follow him through his words and his wonderful photos. I like his way of writing, like a "carnet de voyages" where he gives us day by day all his experiences and feelings. Beyond that, Ben Heys is also an amazing photographer.

" My name is Ben Heys and I am a 30 year old photographer from Australia. I make most of my living nowadays from stock photography but also sell some work as fine art prints, shoot the occasional model portfolio and submit galleries to Bluenudes.

Up to this point I have concentrated mainly on fashion/fine art work but I am currently looking to push more into travel/landscape photography and perhaps even try my hand at some photo journalistic type of stuff. This blog will therefore concentrate more on this sort of photography than my work with models, for more of my model photography please see the links provided in the nav bar.

Although I’m starting this blog on 8/8/2007 over the next couple of weeks I’ll be adding a few backdated entries. I’m setting this blog up mainly as a way to record and share my travel experiences in my upcoming trip to S.E. Asia and wherever I may venture beyond that. I’ll also include random other shoots and events. The idea is that it be a half personal, half professional view into my life in photography.
It’s the only way I can do it really, as I’m not a photographer because I earn a lot of money from it, or because it’s all I know how to do. I’m a photographer because I simply love making images."

You'll find him at : his official site, his photoblog, Bluenudes,,

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