September 21, 2007

Czech + Slovak Staged Photographs, new link !

In this wonderful site, you could admire the fascinating works of 12 Czech and Slovak surrealist photographers. Many pictures are quite impressive, made by artists who are deeply interested in the human condition and our relationship to the landscape. Don't miss it, you'll enjoy the trip.

" Staged photography is born out of boredom or dissatisfaction with the world. The photographer wants to see the world as a place where anything is possible-a place full of more beauty, more meaning, more play, more symbolism. In the face of Communism, these Czech and Slovak artists were escapists and surrealists-dreaming themselves into other realities and making photographic documents of them. Some of them say they are making pataphysical theatre - theatre of the absurd performed for the camera."

Pavel Banka - "I let fly my balloons"

Vasil Stanko - "The meeting of the poor people in Paris"
His official site

"In all cases we are being shown glimpses and visions of worlds that are hardly consonant with what most people think to be their everyday perceptions. Yet the medium through which they are proffered records visually persuasive evidence that, if only for an instant and only by contrivance, those worlds did, and do, and can, exist. It would be well to remember that the subversion of expectations is one of the key tactics in all of contemporary art." - A.D. Coleman

Pavel Pecha - "My intuitive Theatre"

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