September 30, 2007

Dick Simonsen (Snapfoto)

"Florida Beach Topless"
Art Model McKenzie

"Sandy Beach Bum"
Art Model McKenzie

The story of a glamour shooting in Florida by Dick Simonsen (check also this article) :
" We thought we needed to add some variety to our portfolio of Glamour images, so two weeks ago, we flew down to Florida to do a beach shoot and take a little break. May is a great time to be there... temps in the eighties, low humidity, but the wind blew like a muther the whole time we were there !

After some research, we located a desolate stretch of beach on the east coast and spent the better part of a day shooting in 25-30 mile-per-hour onshore winds and 8-10 foot surf. Interesting !
We were in and out of sunlight with low clouds scudding overhead, which totally confused my built-in light meter, so exposure was difficult at best. The surf was also determined to sweep us off our feet... but we somehow managed to capture some great images of Madame McKenzie both wearing her retro bathing suit and nude running and playing like a kid in the surf.

I was up to my knees in the Atlantic trying to capture the action as fast as I could pull the trigger, each wave attempting to either bury us in the sand or sweep us off our feet. Somehow McKenzie's makeup stayed on and I stayed upright, and we managed to capture a couple thousand images, which will follow in the coming weeks.

You know what they say... it's hot, dirty, sweaty, sandy, and dangerous work... but someone has to do it ! "

"Pale Nude Sunshine Girl"
Art Model McKenzie

"Hot In The Sun"
Art Model McKenzie

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