September 29, 2007

Fine Nudes birthday !!!

Happy birthday to you !!! And thanks for all the wonderful artists you promote every day !

Fine nudes is an active, rich and beautiful contemporary erotic photo-blog. The photos, and nothing else, mostly black and white, are always wonderful and linked to their owners. Since september 2006, the author shows us a sure and refined taste for choosing images of very high quality. To visit daily without moderation.

From the blogmaster himself :
" Fine Nudes celebrates its first birthday. Kudos to all who supported the fine nudes. I am flattered and cajoled that art nudes, Michael Barnes´excellent blog that surely needs no introduction in here, placed a charming birthday note. In particular art nudes encouraged me to start this blog one year ago. "

From Michael Barnes :
" I want to end today's posting with a big congratulations to the Fine Nudes blog. This month marks the one year anniversary of the site, and I think I can safely say that I can appreciate better than most just how much dedication and hard work goes into reaching a milestone like that. Congratulations Fine Nudes !"

Gladys - Mamonakou nude

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