September 14, 2007

Gunther Vandenven's Interview

You'll find Gunther Vandenven at : his official site International Glamour Pictures, his photoblog Blue Art, Artflanders, Nude Art Gallery, Art of Love, and this article.

Gunther Vandenven, how did your passion begin ?

It started when I was 17 or 18 and I discovered the camera. From than on it didn't let me go anymore. I was fascinated by the possibilities and the creativity of a camera. I start shooting whatever was interesting to build up some experience. It is in a later process that I decided to shoot only models, fashion and glamour.

Did you learn photography in a special school ?

I did go to school for photography but the creativity in school was very low. When I finished school I start shooting my girlfriend to build up my portfolio because I absolutely wanted to do fashion. This all happened 25 years ago and I suppose that everything concerning what you learn in school is better now.

Art Model Loez

How long could you be far from your camera ?

If I can't take pictures for more than a week I am getting a little bit nervous. I am also shooting commercial portfolio's for models and agency's and this is on a weekly basis so I am lucky this happens not so much.

Your preferences, indoor, outdoor, natural lights, color ?

For my "blue art" pictures I have no choice than to shoot inside because of the light I use. At the moment I mostly shoot in my studio but I am searching a nice inside location to shoot some series in a specific interior.

Some words about your models ?

What should I do without models ? They are the basic of my pictures. To find girls who want to pose nude is not so difficult but good girls who wants to do this is not so easy to find. Every girl is beautiful in their own way but for artnude pictures I have to be hard concerning choosing models for my shoots.

I have always been satisfied about the models I have worked with. They absolutely don't need to have experience, I am happy to work as well with amateurs as professionals, but the most important thing for me is that the model stands a 100% behind my idea and concept of photography and that she also gives herself a 100% for a shoot.

What is your process of creation ? Chaos or order ?

For me it is order. I am always planning the basic of my shoots and at the moment of shooting I start working creative concerning poses, but I am always working out some ideas in front.

Do you make many corrections ?

No, not at all. The most important moment is when you make the picture and that's how it should stay. That's why I make a lot of pictures to end with only a few good ones. I only make corrections to make the skin softer but that's it, after that I don't touch it anymore.

Have you a special project you're dreaming about ?

I hope I can shoot one day 3 or 4 models together in an outstanding interior. That should be nice.

Art Model Pypcia

Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

It should be nice if somebody invites me for an exhibition. There are some ideas for maybe at the end of this year but it is not 100% sure.

A book to come ?

If some publisher is interested, he's always welcome.

Maybe a message to send ?

Everybody keep it going, don't give up.

Thanks so much Gunther !

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