September 9, 2007

Gunther Vandenven

You'll find Gunther Vandenven at : his official site International Glamour Pictures, his photoblog Blue Art, Artflanders.


I like the universe of Gunther Vandenven, his way to capture the best of his gorgeous models, his strong compositions, his love for the blue, my preferred color, his so very personal style, with a strong and wild sensuality that turns me upside down the first time I saw his outstanding work.

So I'm deeply glad and honoured to show you all the talent of this fascinating artist, that never forget to deeply thank his models.


From his official site :

" As photographer I have already 25 years experience in model photography. With this site I want to present my work, and the possibility I have to deliver a quality product. I am specialized in glamour- and art photography. On the next pages you can see the style of my pictures.


A favourite style of me is "blue-art" photography. With these pictures I try to show the artistic and sensual nude in a special and different way.

Pictures like this can only be made when there is a trustful agreement between model and photographer. For a photoshoot in this style I like to talk things over with the model so there will be no misunderstandings. I don't want to take advantage of the situation concerning nude pictures. I just want to work with the model in a professional way so everybody can be satisfied about the pictures.

I learned that experience is not absolutely necessary, it is the expression of the face and body that's important. Showing the sensuality of a woman is the pleasure of my work as photographer.

By this way I want to thank all the beautiful and sympatic girls I've already worked with. They inspire me every time to bring out the best. I prefer to work with models who are strongly motivated and give themselves a 100% for a photoshoot."


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