September 13, 2007

Streetwise art show, by Iris Dassault

"Well, it so happens that Adam has been spending lots of this energy in setting up this Streetwise art show. He's been working crazy hours, burning holes in the night, slaving away to ensure this show will be perfect.

Adam has taken on the calling of representing a whole series of wonderful artists at his show, including HR Giger (I've been a fan of his work since I was a pre-teen, I remember my very first -halfway decent- drawing I ever did was a Debbie Harry album cover that was based on Giger art), Bt Charles, Jim Young, DVS, Dave Levingston, Johnny Flamethrower, K Leo , Stephen Thorne, Gary M and many others.

Please see flyer attached for more information. So I'm hoping all the people who are local will join us on Saturday! You will get to meet Adam, as well as a few of the fantastic artists who are represented at the show. I know I'm looking forward to a day filled with art and cool people. I thrive on that."


Iris Dassault said...

Merci beaucoup :)

Thank you for helping us spread the good word!

chris said...

You're always welcome !!!

Lisolette Gilcrest said...

Chris -

Thank you for helping promote this event! We had over 1,500 people come through our gallery yesterday and the response was phenomenal... thanks in part to your help!

Stay in touch and let us know how we can help you!


chris said...

What a nice comment ! Thank you Lisolette, I appreciate.