September 28, 2007

K. Leo

As for Brian Mackey (thanks Iris Dassault for your nice comment, I'm sure he'll like it !), I appreciate K. Leo for his way to capture the truth.

Here is one of his last pictures posted on his blog, where is posing a "natural" model, one of this girl next door we all know, and we all love because she's like each of us...

When I'm watching his amazing work I'm feeling normal in a simple world, sheltered from the illusion of this revolting perfection searched by some wrongly acclaimed photographers and the majority of the vain advertisers that make people crazy about their size, their weight, their wrinkles, etc...

Thanks Mister K. Leo ! You're great.


1 comment:

Lindsay K Prim said...

this is the reason i choose to expose my real self.