September 27, 2007

Lisolette Gilcrest

You'll find Lisolette Gilcrest at : her official site, Etsy, The Saatchi Gallery, her Blog, her deviantART, JPG Magazine, her MySpace.

No need to tell it again : I love woman artists. And Lisolette Gilcrest is a so beautiful one. She's a talented painter, she's a fascinating photographer, full of an inspiration that deeply touches the writer I am. There are words in all her creations, a sense I can't miss because our themes are similars... Si I'm proud to feature her, and honoured by her trust.

"The Eye of Pele"

"Pele is the goddess of fire, lightning, volcanoes, dance, and violence - and is known for her violent temper. Though usually appearing as a young, beautiful woman or elderly lady in most stories, when angered the Goddess Pele is said to appear in part aflame or as a pure flame. The Goddess Pele resides at Mauna Kea, on the Island of Hawai'i, fiercely protecting her Hawai'ian people. Most famously, Pele is known for her all-seeing omniscience, in cursing any visitors to her islands who might remove the volcanic rock from her homeland. Each year hundreds of pieces of lava rock are sent back to Hawai'i from around the world from people who claim to have experienced horrible misfortune from Pele's wrath since removing the rocks, accompanied by missives asking for her forgiveness."

The Light of Creation"

"According to the Torah, when God gifted the Earth with light, the light of creation shone for thirty-six hours and in Kabbalah, the epiphany of "creation" is termed ohr aiyn sof, which means "the appearance of God's light." This picture depicts what it may have been like to witness the dawning of those first hours, reaching forth to touch the intangible."

" From photography to oil paintings to digital renderings, Lisolette Gilcrest creates art when she feels that the end result will not only be extraordinarily aesthetically pleasing, but will also be a thought provoking piece.

Entirely self-taught, Lisolette wants to inspire conversations about important socio-political and religious issues, as well as conversations about her favourite topic – personal identity.

Her erotica is distinctly feminine, focusing less on "the deed" and more on the delicious intangibles of romance, attraction, desire and lust fighting against the expectations of social mores, gender roles and personal inhibitions.

"The Shrine"

"The shape of the tub perfectly framed the woman fit for worship... the shrine and altar both literal and figurative. Special thanks again to model Kathryn, my muse, my best friend and one of my biggest supporters in so many ways. This piece was selected to be exhibited in the juried international erotica art show, The Dirty Show 7.5 in Detroit, Michigan from September 22 - 24, 2006, along with "A Paragon of Symmetry."

"The Arrow"
Art Model Kathryn

"Pride and Prejudice"

"Based on her fears and shame at her own body image, the young servant's pride prevents her from fully serving her Lord. She has not yet grasped that her beauty and appeal is not in her flesh, but within her and her submission."

Lisolette began publicly exhibiting her work less than a year ago, making her debut at the renowned Dirty Show 7.5 juried erotic art exhibit. Having arrived in the art world to critics acclaim, she has also recently been featured in group exhibits at the Dirty Show 8.0, Who Arted ?, Summ(ero)tica, and the People's Arts Festival.

Lisolette is a Charter Member of the MidWest Society of Erotic Photography, member of the Detroit Artist's Market, and a Professional Member of the Women's Caucus for Art. She is represented by agent Adam Owen Layne of Streetwise Art and is available for private commissions."

"Terrain Triptych"

"A self-portrait triptych from unconventional angles..."

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Lisolette Gilcrest said...

Thank you for your kind words and feature, Christian... I am deeply honoured.