September 10, 2007

Lorand Peli

When I published the interview of Lorand Peli, he asked me by return to write a few words about my way to see his work...

I could talk about his fertile imagination or his permanent search for the best composition, his love for natural lights, and his so kind modesty... But it would be too easy.

Beyond all these rare qualities, each pictures of Lorand Peli means something. As an artist, all his photos are full of inspiration, telling me a story I could write, rich in emotions.

Lorand Peli is definitively one of these creative photographers who never shots for nothing and succeeds to capture the best of his splendid models.

Yes, technique is essential, but with Lorand Peli, nudity becomes art... and woman a goddess.

"No escape"

Lorand Peli

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