September 12, 2007

Marion (On my lips)

You'll find Marion on her space at deviantART.

" Petite photo cherche un titre"
Model Ln

Marion is french, she's young and she has a passion for photography since her early childhood, just like many great photographers. By now, she's still learning her art but I'm sure we'll talk about her in a next future.

"Hung up II"
Model Mylène

By herself :

" I am 17 years old and I discovered the photo for the first time at 7 thanks to the passion of my father. At about 14, I put myself in it seriously. At present, I'm studying photography, hoping to find my place in this closed world.

I like very much the portrait and shoot in unusual places, like disused factories and other abandoned sites.

My present "work" (which is not one) is to learn the most things possible."

"Blue My"
Model Mylène

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