October 16, 2007

André Brito

You'll find André Brito at : his official site, Olhares, 1000 Imagens, deviantART.

"Black Beach"
Lanzarote, Islas Canárias, Spain

I believed that André Brito was inaccessible, because of his great talent that makes him so busy, because of his fame, but I was wrong. He's certainly overbooked but, as all the great artists I welcome here with an endless passion (and a deep respect), he told me yes.

I could talk about his tremendous use of shade, his perfect lighting, his so creative poses, and compositions too, but you know I prefer talking about the emotions I feel contemplating a picture. Those of
André Brito are powerful, and each one gives us all the potential of his fertile imagination... He's never in lack of inspiration.

Walking through all his portfolios of the net, I can tell you that André Brito is without any contest one of the best worlwide fine-art photographer.

"Power lines"

"The Island"

Born in Porto, Portugal, André Brito is a freelance photographer in fashion-beauty and nude art photography.

Inheriting from his father the taste for photography, André Brito started to photograph about 7 years old, with a small Agfamatic. Since then, he never stopped.

Quickly, the artistic nude became his favorite discipline, with the success he deserves. His work is currently published in many books and magazines.

Pipa, RGN, Brasil


"Pointing the sky"

Some reactions ?
" Your gallery is absolutely stunning. I can't get enough. Beautiful, beautiful work."

" Absolutely amazing gallery. Just stunning."

" Your work is absolutely breathtaking. Very inspirational, truly incredible."

" I didnt know such talent existed. I'm so thrilled to have even seen photographs this beautiful. You inspire me to become so much better. You are what I aspire to be."


" Impressive images, very imaginative and unique."

" Your work is the best I have EVER seen !!!"

" GORGEOUS!!! As always, your model and composition are beyond compare... and what a beautiful setting !"

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Katana said...

Impressed! I have had a lingering and long bothering question about a few of Andre's images and I have not managed to find an answer to it yet....Its a particular set of Images which do not appear here. In case you guys can help....sincerely