October 19, 2007

Angelicatas, her photoblogs, her site

I'm always amazed by the great quality of the artistic choices of Angelicatas, renowned spanish photographer, in her [Dark Light photo] Inspiration blog.
Since April 2006, she's running this marvellous photoblog where she features all the wonderful photographers who inpire her.
This is an active blog, and a gold mine where you'll discover all her favorite artists offered to your eyes like the jewels of the Place Vendôme (Paris).

" A camera for a photographer is like an open window which allows people see author's deepest feelings and soul. I am just looking for truth through beauty. These photographers are my inspiration.
La cámara de un fotógrafo es una ventana abierta que permite a otros ver los más profundos sentimientos y el alma del autor. Sólo busco la verdad a través de la belleza. Estos fotógrafos son mi inspiración." Angelicatas.

ANGELICATAS [Dark Light photo] Inspiration

"La Chiquita Piconera"

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Niky Sama said...

angelicatas is a male