April 8, 2008

Darren Phillips

" His acute understanding of the photographic craft combined with a sensitive attitude, keen eye and (sometimes) wicked sense of fun makes the entire process a pleasure." about Darren Phillips by K. Ridge, New York.

Art Model Anne Duffy

Darren Phillips is from Adelaide, Australia, a country rich of so many outstanding fine art photographers.

Walking through his portfolio and reading everything I found about him, I can tell you how much this great artist is nice, human, kind... and gifted.

As Steve Johns, Andre J and Gerhardt Thompson, all from Australia, all nice and shining persons I'm proud to welcome here, the outdoors shootings of Darren Phillips are always exceptional.

The fabulous australian landscapes and his gorgeous models make together wonderful compositions under a fantastic light he perfectly masters.

Art Model Melanie

"The Willow"
Art Model Dollybeck

Art Model Renee

"The Beach"
Art Model Soph

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