October 28, 2007

Dave Levingston

Halloween is coming ! From "Exposed for the Shadows", the photoblog of Dave Levingston :

" It's trick or treat night here, so here's an oldie Halloween photo for you... Halloween Eve.

The weather isn't looking too good for tonight. We live in the middle of the city, but we can never know how many trick or treaters will show up on any given year. We've had hundreds and there was one cold miserable night when only two wanted candy badly enough to go out and ask for it.

So, I'm back from the store and have plenty of candy on hand now. Our house is always popular because I only buy the good candy. Good is, of course, defined as candy that I like. That comes in handy on the years when no one comes begging...more for me
." Dave Levingston.

"The Figure In Nature", a book by Dave Levingston

Available : here

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