October 7, 2007

Gunther Vandenven


The debate about models will never end. This post from Gunther Vandenven looks like an answer to the comment of Iris Dassault at Terrell Neasley's post...

From his Blue Art blog :

" A professional nudemodel from Holland, Delicious. What's in a name ? It speaks for itself, she really was "delicious" to work with. Because she was so experienced she came with a lot of great ideas for shooting wonderful pictures.

Sometimes I learn from the models instead of the models learning from me, but I don't mind. Pictures you make together as a team not as an individual.

For this, thank you so much Delicious."

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Iris Dassault said...

And so the saga about pro and "amateur" models continues.= :o)
Interestingly enough, I never equated bringing ideas to the shoot as part of experience, but more so motivation & enthousiasm to contribute/collaborate. I can imagine that sometimes a pro model could get into a rut, and just looks at a shoot as another gig, which could hamper creativity somewhat.
I personally believe that a succesful shoot consists of a mixture of factors. Chemistry and motivation to create, as well as the technical skill set of both the photographer and the model, hopefully topped off by a certain amount of talent and creativity (on the models' side the talent & skills of knowing how to pose and express herself, on the photographers side th talent & skills of knowing how to light and shoot the model to bring out the best of the image).
It's all in the mix :o)
I have enjoyed reading Gunther's blog. We apparently have common roots..