October 8, 2007


You'll find her at : her official site, her blog De-ci De-là, deviantART, this article.

Exhibition in Paris

"New Doll"

Art Model Marine

First and beyond all technical considerations that she masters with perfection, I'm deeply impressed by the prodigious and fertile imaginary of Insousciance. Photography is like writing, it's better when you have something original to say, another way to approach life, and Insousciance made it with her own style I like so much. There is sense, there is strength, and true emotions in all her works.

Beautiful model, inspired self-model and gifted photographer, each of her pictures gives us a sincere and powerful vision of her so original universe.


Bio :

" Insousciance was born in the East of France in 1980 and lives in Paris since 1999. Since her childhood, she’s been fond of painting, but paint and brushes are now in the attic.

Five years ago, she created contacts with photographers and has been modeling in an alternative way for 2 years. In the mid-2004, in order to taste photography, she started shooting herself.

Then she turned her lens towards others’ skins and urban landscapes around."

"Ménage de printemps"
Contribution Let it Di

"Automne mon amour"


Insousciance is also featured at :


Head Magazine (issue 43)
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