October 31, 2007

New link : Fluffytek !

Lindsay loves writing : " It's writing that rocks my world. I couldn't live without it. One day, I even hope to be good at it !"... And she is. As a writer myself, you can imagine how much I understand the depth of her passion.

Richard Bang is an acclaimed photographer, member of the Royal Photographic Society, UK, entirely devoted to his art.

Together, they run Fluffytek, one of the most renowned photographic art nude blog (site, I'ld say) of UK that you can't miss... :

" Welcome to Fluffytek.
My name is Richard and I created Fluffytek in 2005, both as a way to express my artistic side and because I love to photograph all types of people.
My photography has won awards, and I have received high acclaim from models, friends and fellow photographers. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and I am currently building a portfolio for their distinction program.

True photography is about finding the inner beauty in each person. This is how you create art, rather than just a mere portrait.

I have ideas for shoots all the time. I see someone walk by and, when the light catches them in a certain way, I see the shot, and usually make a mental note to carry my camera around more often :)
Photographing people means you have to actually think on your feet and interact with each subject in order to reflect their inner character and create a stunning image.

Fluffytek is run with the assistance of my wife Lindsay who models, helps out with the sets and the admin side of things, and generally has the patience of a saint :-) Thanks for visiting."

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