November 6, 2007

About the titles

Ted Preuss -
"Forget Me Not 2"
Art Model Kat Love -

There are many books written about the essential importance of the title.

The title is clearly (or close to be) the most important thing when a writer want to have his book edited.

I see about 400 hundred photos per day and I'm always surprised by some (fortunately not so much) photographers who forget to title their photographs.
Sometimes it's just numbers (argh !), sometimes just "untitled" (?), sometimes "***" (and I really don't see what they mean), and sometimes nothing at all (the worst). How can it be ?

I perfectly know that a shot is something really particular, a magic moment coming from the soul, like a text, from the bottom of the artist's heart, a moment of grace we all search with impatience, hope and often despair.

I also know that a title is like a key for the reader, giving him a direction, a kind of dive in the artist's inspiration. Could you imagine a painting without its title ?

So, my dear photographers who don't give enough attention to the title of your artworks, do an effort. Think stronger about it and give us the keys to penetrate your so inspired mind. Please...

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