November 5, 2007

B.T Charles : Just not any fun anymore

B.T. Charles (check his blog) has decided to end with nude-art...

It's always sad to tell bye-bye, but always nice to wish the best future to someone we love.

So he turned a page... and another one is ready to be writing. I'm sure we'll love his new words...

" I tried... but I'm just fooling myself. Erotic Photography has become a chore. It has become work. I always promised myself, that the moment it is no longer fun, or if it feels like work, I will put the lens cap on the camera, and unplug the lights.

Erotic Photography has got me to more places than I ever dreamed of. But the journey has ended. I am going out on a High Note... quite a year 2007 was. I could not have been happier or more satisfied from where my Photographic Art has been exhibited/published during the last 2 years. So I am not walking away Bitter. It's been a blast !!

I will no longer publicly exhibit my Erotic Photography. Like 5 years ago, I will just photograph for my enjoyment, and keep all images private. Erotic Photography starting today is a hobby... that's all.

I will focus on my Nature photography and Scenery... including Architecture. These have been "hobbies" for me, and for some time I have enjoyed photography along these lines more so than my Erotic Work. Erotic Photography just offers no satisfaction at this time, and hopefully it never will again. Even getting my butt motivated to shoot Erotic Imagery has been work. Therefore, it's time to stop... and already I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I am looking forward to enjoying life again without this self-imposed need to create. I apologize to all of the Models that I have been "making excuses" with for not shooting. It was not your fault... I just had no desire to shoot.

I started out with Photography as a hobby that was fun and intrinsically satisfying... and it will end that way. The Erotic Imagery chapter has been closed.

Time to turn the page." B.T. Charles.

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